I am a professional writer, primarily a scriptwriter but a writer in all ways and all forms.

There is no deliberate pretense to me saying that – just a desire not to be thumbnailed as is too often the case in our complex and ever-changing world. ..

I love movies even more than I did before I became a screenwriter because even though the theater experience is changing, the story experience isn’t.  People still love and flock to a well-told tale just as they did in Shakespeare’s day.  It’s still up to us, as storytellers, to continue to engage people’s imaginations and create an experience that will move and impact them.

Quick facts about me:

  • I’ve been writing professionally for almost twenty years.
  • I have sold twenty-five scripts and have nineteen produced movies.
  • I haven’t worked in television but I’d love to try it soon.  There are so many amazing shows out these days, the writing would be a tremendous challenge and very satisfying.
  • I’ve been teaching screenwriting off and on for thirteen years through Irvine Valley College’s continuing ed department website here.
  • I founded the Orange County Screenwriters Association website here in order to help amateur (and professional) filmmakers realize their dreams.
  • I’ve been very close many times to selling that big studio script but something has always interfered in closing the deal.  Still hungry for that.

I will include some articles and movie reviews I’ve written here but you can also see a lot of my work on the OC Screenwriters site.  Someone had to fill the site with content and since it’s my org, that fell to me.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to use the contact form on this site here.